7 Best Skin Care Products in 2021 According to 'Jenpharm' Editors



Best Daily Moisturizer; Dermive Moisturizer

Everyone needs a good moisturizer in their daily routine and Jenpharm’s Dermive fits the curve to the dot.It provides long lasting moisturization to the skin without making it greasy. It comes in both variants, Dermive Oil Free for oily skin and Dermive Oily for dry skin. Jenpharm’s Dermive Moisturizers are light on the skin, seep deep into the cells and moisturize and nourish the skin from within and are light on the wallet as well.

Best Sunscreen; Spectra By Jenpharm

Same as moisturizer, sunscreen is also non-negotiable, no matter how much of a skincare enthusiast you are, minimal or extensive. This is a go to Sunscreen series for most dermatologists of Pakistan. Jenpharm’s Spectra series comprises of 3 variants, ranging from SPF 40 to 100, SPECTRA Matt SC SPF 40, SpectraBlock SPF60, Spectra Block Max 100, recommended according to the sun gradient. Jenpharm’s Sunscreens series blends in seamlessly, providing a protective layer not only against UV-Radiations but also against free radicals.

Best Gentle Cleanser; MandelAC Face Wash & Maxdif Skin Brightening Face Wash

Skin pores get clogged with dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells this makes skin dull and pale and strips skin’s glow and complexion. When choosing a cleanser the simplest is usually the best. All that is required is a formula that removes dust, dirt, pollutants and makeup and is gentle enough that it does not harm or dry out the skin. Jenpharm’s MandelAC & Maxdif Face Wash, are top cleansing skincare products for both men and women. MandelAC is for oily/acne prone skin, and Maxdif is for all skin types that is dull, uneven and pigmented!.

Best Brightening Cream; Maxdif Skin Brightening Cream

Everyday wear and tear makes your skin dull and uneven. Bright, glowing skin that doesn't change your complexion is brilliant because it doesn't alter your skin's behavior, it just allows your skin to be more radiant and beautiful. Maxdif cream has the following benefits;

1. Treats all kinds of hyperpigmentation such as skin discoloration, melasma, freckles & brown spots. 
2. Evens out the skin tone.
3. Makes the skin brighter, smoother ,and blemish free.
4. Moisturizes & reveals glowing, younger looking skin.
5. Possesses anti-aging properties which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Best Anti-Bacterial and Exfoliating Serum; MandelAC Serum

Chemical peels are all the rave these days because that's how effective and good they're. But they should be used with utmost caution. Jenpharm offers a range of anti-acne products, based on Mandelic acid, the gentlest AHA available. With 20% mandelic acid, you can expect it to;

1. Prevent and treat active acne along with post acne marks and its exfoliating properties polish away dead and dull skin. 
2. Offer remarkable improvement in comedonal & pustular acne with anti-bacterial & exfoliating properties. 
3. Treat melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigines & acne scars.
4. Strengthen collagen and decrease the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Best Body Lotion; Dermive Urea

Best for nourishing the skin cells of the body and best for all those people who do not like waiting for the body lotion to soak in. Jenpharm’s Dermive Urea’s unique formula makes it soak quickly into the skin and moisturize and nourish it from within. 

Best Vitamin Supplements For Skin; Revivoderm

You are what you eat! Having a healthy and balanced diet is of prime importance for keeping yourself and your skin healthy. A healthy diet is one having  a proper balance between all the nutrients required by the body e.g proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and fibers etc. Keep in mind vitamins are very important for proper nourishment of the skin, if you are suffering from vitamin deficiency we highly recommend adding Revivoderm dietary supplements to your diet plan(after consulting with your nutritionist) to counter said deficiency.

Revivoderm has following benefits 

1) Nourishes skin, nails, and hair.

2) Aids in tissue development.

3) Nourishes body and skin and helps in their growth.

4) Improves the luster and condition of the nails and hair.

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