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This is a video about how to use The Ordinary Peeling Solution for hyperpigmentation and to clear your skin!!! This is a full in depth review on the ordinary peeling solution. It will help clear acne scars and spots! (OPEN ME) Shop for The Ordinary AHA 3% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution!: β—‹ WHAT TO WATCH NEXT!? Here is a WHOLE playlist on ALL of The Ordinary Product Reviews! Enjoy!: Honourable Mentions: β—‹ I Tested The Ordinary Buffet Serum for 1 Month Straight: β—‹ I TESTED AMINO ACIDS + B5 SERUM FROM THE ORDINARY FOR ONE WEEK ON ACNE: β—‹ I TESTED THE ORDINARY RETINOID 2% EMULSION SERUM FOR MY ACNE SCARS ONE MONTH: MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS!: My Spotify Playlist (listen to all my favourite songs & pls follow to keep updated lol)!! Instagram: Tik Tok: @soniaanastasiaaa Twitter: Support me on Patreon!: ALL THE PRODUCTS !!!: Shop for The Ordinary AHA 3% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution!: Teamiblends Main Page to Purchase Teas and More! (All products on site are Vegan and Cruelty Free!): Link to Gentle Superfood Liquid Cleanser!: Where to get my favourite Green Detox face mask!: 15% code: SONIAA15 off any order! 20% code: SONIAA20 off $24+ orders! 25% code: SONIAA25 off $29+ orders! ____________________________________________________ Shop Banish Skincare Products! (They are Vegan and Cruelty Free!): You can use code: Sonia (save $5 for all orders $50+!!!) Acne Fighter Gel: Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir Toner: Banish Glycolic Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: Banish Vitamin C Facial Repair Cream: Banish Vitamin C Facial Oil: ________________________________________________ Link to the Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) I bought!: Links to Pantothenic Acid!!: American Amazon Links: Canadian Amazon Pantothenic Acid Links: You can use code: Sonia At Luminosity checkout for some $$ off!!! (10% off your whole purchase!) :D Luminosity Daily Habit SPF 30 Sunscreen: Luminosity Gentle Acne Cleanser: __________________________________________________ Project E Beauty LED Photon Light Therapy Mask: ____________________________________________________ For Business Inquires Only (I only accept Cruelty Free/Vegan Products/Makeup/Skincare, etc.): Tags Used in video: skincare, anti aging, anti inflammatory, detoxing, gut cleanse, healthy gut, acne scar treatment , hormonal acne, pimples, acne, blemish, whitehead, blackhead, pores, enlarged pores, get rid of acne in one week, acne experiment, get rid of acne fast, cleanse, clear skin, blemish free, adult acne, teen acne, preteen acne, stubborn acne, detox, flawless skin, sun damage, sun protection, youthful, tips, tricks, advice , acne scars, scarring #skincaresquad

How To Use The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution | Full & In-Depth Demonstration
The Ordinary Peeling Solution | 1 Month Use