How To Use A Brush To Apply Perfect Liquid Foundation Youtube

For an easy way to apply your liquid foundation, try using a brush. It will give you a little more coverage than using your fingers or a sponge, but will still look natural and beautiful. Follow along with me and I’ll teach you how to do it. Tip: The best brush to use is one that’s flat-shaped with rounded bristles. Choose one with medium to full density. Step 1: Start with a primer that’s suitable for your skin type. Smooth it over your face with your fingertips. Choose a mattifying primer for oily skin or a moisturizing one for dry skin. Step 2: Dispense a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand, or onto a mixing palette. Make sure you’re using a foundation that matches your skin tone and type. Step 3: Dip the brush into your foundation. Be careful not to load it up with too much product. Step 4: Apply the foundation to your face using circular motions. Be light-handed and avoid dragging the brush. Instead, gently buff on the product to spread it evenly over your face. Step 5: Keep buffing and blending until you get the coverage you want. Remember to blend into your hairline and jawline for a natural look. That’s it! You now have a smooth, even canvas that’s ready for your other makeup products.

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